*** TESTIMONIALS, 2017 ***

Here’s an observation about the new version of the workbooks, since I’ve now used both over the past year – OK, they’re a very bright class but I found that their actual Latin and their confidence in handling the text increased with the new version AND we got through the texts quicker! So I’m very happy. Best wishes. Lynn.  (May 2017, email re the Pro Milone and Propertius/Tibullus A Level workbooks)

Dear David,   We are big fans of your hugely helpful workbooks and would very much like to order the following, and will order the A Level group 2 and 4 when available, and possibly more of the GCSE books depending on numbers.  Best wishes. Trine.

We have as ever been relying on your wonderful books. Thank you so much for them. Please could we have a new order of the following?  Andrew

Your text booklets were brilliant, thanks very much indeed.   Really useful format, and much appreciated. I am hoping to start work soon on the Virgil 10 and Pro Milone A2 extract……..I am not a Latinist myself, having only in recent years come to teaching the subject. But I am loving the subject, and with worksheets like yours, I feel I am really getting to grips with the literature. (So does my pupil, too!).  Cheers.  Paul. 

Thanks SO much! It [GCSE Aeneid IV] arrived today. Your interlinear translation is particularly helpful to make sense of some of the trickier bits that I had really wanted some guidance on!  Rhiannon.

Many thanks for the Virgil IV workbook, it safely arrived this morning. It looks great!  Lara.

We have received the hardcopy. Thank you very much indeed. My daughter is delighted with it.   Yours.   John M.

Many thanks for all your work in making these amazing resources!  Rebecca

Other than to praise your work to the stars as a massive boon to my students, a quick query re the remaining A-level texts for Greek and Latin that I cannot fathom from the website.  Jon

Many thanks indeed.  The two workbooks of yours that I used last academic year (Cicero AS and Elegy) were fantastic.  Jacqui  


Can I thank you for all the work you must put in to producing your excellent Classical Workbooks?  They are a complete joy to use and my GCSE and A level students are total fans; you have completely changed the way they approach their texts (and made my job a lot easier too). 

May I order another 20 of your Virgil workbooks for GCSE Latin? The last lot we ordered have elicited a good deal of admiration from pupils, and two other sets are demanding their own copies!   

First let me say that I have been using your workbooks for years with my classes and they are utterly fabulous. Apologies if it's taken me this long to say so!

Please may I order Lysias, against Eratosthenes and Homer, Iliad XVI, 631-861.  I’ve used your books for all my previous exams and I absolutely love them!

I thought I would drop you a line and let you know that my classes are loving your workbooks. My Year 11s are cross that I had not discovered them earlier and "saved them all that work".

Thank you Mr Carter. Your AS Latin books are FANTASTIC.  Merry Christmas.

Books have arrived, many thanks....... Thank you again for this superb resource!
Our students have found your workbooks invaluable for their set text study and
I don’t know how we’d manage without them now.  

Just come into school for the GCSE results which were our best ever – thanks in no small part to your booklets!


Dear David,  It's that time of year again! We love your workbooks and now cannot live without them...

Hi there,
We had our Latin Verse GCSE a few weeks ago - we had to learn Virgil.
We'd just like to say that we couldn't have done nearly as well as we did if we hadn't used your awesome study guides. We think they should be made the standard book for anyone studying Virgil at GCSE. All our classmates were jealous - they were stuck with just copies of the text and their own scribbled notes.


[these were 2 students whose parents bought the books privately]

When ordering 3 of your work books recently, I was able to access the  you tube teaching aid- fantastic!, Thank you so much for posting it on youtube.It is extremely clear and a brilliant teaching and revision aid.    This is great for those of us at comprehensives who are time limited and not specialists, especially in pronunciation .

We have been using your booklets for Iliad I here this year and the pupils have really enjoyed it. The booklets have made a real difference – we’re at the stage now where they can look at the Greek text at the back and translate it word perfectly. Most satisfying!

Thank you very much for the copies of Pro Roscio and Met.VIII......The Upper Sixth love having the Cicero in that format which has given a real momentum and sense of progress.


My colleague has been using your Cicero workbook to teach the A level group and has nothing but praise for it.  Many thanks for the really useful help you are giving so many teachers! 

I was absolutely delighted with the books - they will save so much time in resource preparation, and they'll be ideal for pupils' independent revision. ........ ....... The structure and layout are perfect, and I have spent huge amounts of time on similar resources, so to find that these are available each year is wonderful.

The Baucis etc went down a storm last year with my set - especially for revision, & lower sixth now have requested it for their AS.


My summer holiday seems longer now I'm not making out vocab lists. 


Dear Mr Carter 

Your work book on Cicero has been such a success with my upper sixth group that the lower sixth now demand a copy.  Would you kindly send me 9 copies of Cicero Pro Milone.....


And let me extend my students' appreciation to you.  They have found the quick start section and the running vocabulary at the bottom of the page especially helpful.   


Cheque for Virgil texts on the way.  Many thanks (my UVI have found them invaluable). 


Could we have 15 more copies of the Baucis?  You have made it so accessible that we have decided to start some of the prescription with the year 10's. 


Dear David,     Many thanks for the books. They are just perfect! 

I have so enjoyed your workbook for Aeneid IV and my students have been delighted with it. 


Dear David   Thank you for sending the books so promptly. I thought you would like to know that my students think they are wonderful!  Best wishes. 


I'd also be very grateful if you let me know how to access the second part of Aeneid 10 you mentioned. It's been an enormous help so far. gratias tibi ago, amice!   


Dear David,  Your 'Pro Milone' text is proving to be just what we needed: thank you so much!  So delighted am I that I'd now like to order all 3 GCSE texts, the AS/A2 Tacitus text, and both GCSE Greek texts. 


I was SO pleased to get your circular at the comprehensive school where I teach twilight Latin, for I have A level Latin students for the first time for years, and thought 'Oh God, all that preparation!'  And now here's your circular to the rescue...... Keep up the good work! 


Thanks for the Tacitus.  Students loved it!   So 9 more copies please. 


Hi David.  Thanks very much for the books.  The girls are delighted. 


The students are finding them very helpful thanks and the lessons are much more interactive as they arrive much better prepared to tackle the original text.



I hope the cheque has arrived. The Iliad texts have gone down extremely well so far. Predictably the boys asked if they could have the same for Latin. We shall need to discuss this at a department meeting (the next is on Friday), as it would be quite an outlay, and they are fairly well on with it in another version, but I'm quite tempted.  



I am enjoying using the Aeneid with my GCSE group this year, and my Lower 6 are also finding the Ovid very useful indeed......The GCSE group particularly like the space for writing grammatical and literary notes opposite the text : useful because we can go back to it and insert comments in the right place!  The 6th form also like the translation of the Ovid which is more literal than the one in the textbook.


Dear David, Thank you for the swift dispatch of the Amores for which I have authorised payment.  The students who saw it were so impressed that they demanded one for their pro Milone studies


Many thanks for the Amores I books which have arrived safely.......  Instant positive reaction from students. 

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